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 Nancy has an astute eye for fiction.– Jack Scovil, Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency, NY, NY

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Editorial Services

Manuscript Development

You have a fabulous plot, idea or concept for a book but don’t know where to start. I do. We’ll discuss your idea and brainstorm how to best format and outline your ideas, the pros and cons of acquiring a literary agent, self-publishing, how to write a professional query letter and proposal, and ultimately taking your masterpiece to the public. OR…Your agent has sent out your manuscript, there was interest, but it hasn’t sold. I’ll suggest ways to polish, tighten, or rework areas to bring it into a bidding war.

Marketing Consultation

Once you’ve completed your manuscript it must leave your desk and be taken to the market. Not certain if  you want to self-publish or acquire a literary agent? I clarify the pros and cons. I specialize in creating a professional query and proposal that shows agents you’re ready to be taken seriously (there was a bidding war for my first book) and defining your market(s), preparing a media kit, obtaining endorsements, reviews and interviews, planning a book tour, mercilessly networking and ultimately turning you into a published and self-promoting author.

Copy & Continuity Editing

Whether you’re a published writer, or a new writer who has written the great American tome, having a professional, objective set of eyes read your work is essential. This includes prowling for correct punctuation, spelling (spell check/spiel czech is not infallible) and presentation and also making sure that the heroine is a blonde throughout, and that there are no major gaffes in location, time, or logistics.

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